November 22, 2013

AcWriMo Week 4

It's week three! How are we doing?

What were your goals for this week? What did you achieve? What do you want to achieve for next week? How will you get there?

If, like me, you feel a little underwhelmed by your AcWriMo progress, remember the immortal words of Bob Marley:

"Get up, stand up! Don't give up the fight!"


  1. Went to a conference, had a great time, and wrote nothing! Now I'm in a panic to get a bunch of grading done over the Thanksgiving holiday. November is such a hard month for AcWri. I do however have a book chapter to finish this weekend as well, so that's my plan for the rest of the month. Wish I had been able to balance it better!

    1. Glad the conference was great! I'm struggling with grading and writing, too. Ugh.

      November is a hard month for AcWri, but look at it this way - if we can write in November, we can write any time. It's all about creating a habit, right?